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Pain Train- Roller with 100mg CBD

Pain Train – Roller with 100mg of CBD

The Pain Train is chockful of high-quality ingredients to provide relief: clean CBD oil to help relieve inflammation, magnesium oil to help relax tight and sore muscles, and powerful EOs such as wintergreen and peppermint to promote blood circulation and cool irritation.

Shake well before use and apply liberally where it hurts, such as lower back, hips, spine and elbows, and get pain relief wherever, whenever you need it. Each Pain Train is made with 100mg of CBD from US-grown hemp and carefully selected all-natural ingredients.

Our Pain Train roller helps with reducing inflammation, relieving aches, and promoting circulation so you can get off the Pain Train.

  • 100mg CBD per roller
  • Guerrilla Holistic CBD oil
  • Magnesium oil
  • MCT oil
  • Wintergreen essential oil
  • Peppermint essential oil
  • Clove essential oil
  • Helichrysum essential oil



Pain Train- Roller with 100mg CBD

2 reviews for Pain Train- Roller with 100mg CBD

  1. Jane Lindstrom (verified owner)

    Tried this on a very sore neck this morning and got pretty much instant relief! I like that I can carry it in my purse and use it wherever I am. And unlike OTC creams, this doesn’t smell to high heaven. I highly recommend this stuff.

  2. Laci

    Pain Train is a fantastic product and a great addition to my Guerrilla collection 😊. I recently broke a couple of toes and used Pain Train to help relieve the pain and decrease the inflammation; it worked great! I used it before bed and during work hours because I’m on my feet all day. I also used it after a lymphatic drainage massage done by my PT; it was a great combination. I would recommend this product to anyone suffering from chronic or acute pain; it’s a great alternative to popping pills and healthier.

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