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OG Hemp 1080mg CBD per bottle

OG Hemp Flavor 1080mg CBD per bottle

This is our original formula that is the basis for everything else we create. OG Hemp is made with American hemp and organic MCT oil in small batches and without any chemicals.

  • 36mg CBD per serving (1ml dropper)
  • Single-strain hemp, grown in the USA
  • Organic MCT oil
  • Gluten-free and vegan
  • Chemical-free extraction
  • Made in small batches


We carefully select the ingredients we use to give you the best CBD oil possible. Guerrilla Holistic’s OG Hemp CBD oil includes hemp and MCT oil. That’s it.


OG Hemp 1080mg CBD per bottle


1 review for OG Hemp 1080mg CBD per bottle

  1. Jane Lindstrom

    I took some CBD during my golf round this morning to quiet a cough because I didn’t have an inhaler with me. The cough was significantly improved and so was my golf game! I have an autoimmune condition that affects my lungs so I was especially pleased to get help from something other than the meds in an inhaler which usually make me shaky. It worked so well, I’ll be taking it when I golf from now on.

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