Understanding CBD Topicals and Skin Care

Hey there! Today we are going to go down to the root of CBD skin care.

My family and I love our CBD topicals. My brother uses them for the many cuts and bruises he receives from his boyish adventures, I use them for my injuries I acquire from my sports, and we even apply them on our dog’s dry nose!

In this blog, we will discuss big questions like; How are CBD topicals absorbed into skin? Which Guerrilla Holistic topical is best for me? ; and, Why not just use CBD oil instead of a topical?

Stay tuned for more information on Guerrilla Holistic CBD topicals.

How are CBD Topicals Absorbed into the Skin?

Though my opinion is not research based and definitely biased- I love using CBD topicals on my skin. I recently sprained my ankle and was subjected to bruising and sensitivity. Every night, I apply Hurt Locker on my left ankle and the pain goes down tremendously.

Now for the facts. CBD first is absorbed through the pores and then into epidermis. Then, the topical works with the cannabinoid receptors in the skin. As CBD interacts with the cannabinoid receptors, it ‘binds with the cell receptors in muscle tissue, skin and nerves’. Then, depending on which Guerilla Holistic CBD Topical you use, it can alleviate sore muscles and joints after physical activity, as well as provide relief from cramps and pain or cuts, burns, bruises, dry or chapped skin.

Which Guerrilla Holistic CBD Topical is Best for Me?

Here at Guerilla Holistic, we have several topicals that do different jobs, but nonetheless soothe your external and internal pain.

Hurt Locker

Hurt Locker CBD

This salve works wonderfully with sore muscles and joints after physical activity, as well as relief from cramps and pain. With age, our bodies take longer to heal. Lucky for you, Hurt Locker salve is here to save the day! Packed with an abundance of healing properties, Hurt Locker provides a way to get back in the game!

Level IV Armor

My brother and I constantly use this topical due to the fact that we have no coordination. We are constantly using the salve for our injuries and we are also constantly provided relief after each use.

In our Level IV Armor, you will find healing benefits for cuts, burns, bruises, and torn skin. Level IV Armor has the wonderful lavender essential oil specifically incorporated in the recipe for your comfort. Lavender essential oil is best known for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties help prevent infection from the affected area and ‘encourage wound healing’.

CBD Bath Bombs

Our nourishing CBD Bath Bombs combine the benefits of organic essential oils and CBD to create a luxurious full-body experience.  Our bath bombs are made from natural ingredients such as epsom salts, essential oils and CBD.  which is a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety ingredient. It’s also great for your skin, stress and pain relief, and relaxation!

CBD Rollers

Each of our CBD rollers is designed to help with different things.

The Nightstick can be applied on the soles of your feet right before bedtime to help you fall asleep quicker and sleep deeper.  The pores on the bottom of your feet are particularly absorbent and can quickly pull the CBD and essential oils into the bloodstream. 

The Pain Train should be applied where it hurts. Shake up and liberally apply to sore muscles and bruises, and feel almost instant relief.

The Cramp Stamp was created for “that time of the month”, when painful cramps can slow your usual preppy self down quite a bit and your mood can send everyone around you running for the hills. The Cramp Stamp features some strong contestants to help you out when a certain Aunt is in town: clean CBD oil to help reduce menstrual cramps and other symptoms like lower back pain and sore breasts, and powerful EOs such as clary sage, geranium and ylang ylang to enhance and improve your mood and provide a calming effect.

Why not just use CBD Oil instead of a Topical?

There are two ways you can use CBD⎯orally and topically. Using CBD topically reduces mild to moderate physical and external comfort and is absorbed through the skin. By using CBD orally, the CBD gets ‘absorbed through the capillaries in your mouth and directly enters the bloodstream’. A topical provides almost immediate relief of the affected area while the CBD oil takes about 10-20 minutes.

You can determine which way is best for you to use CBD depending on where your injury is. The CBD topical is best with outward injuries, and the CBD oil is rather more fitting with inward injuries.

After one use of our CBD topicals, you will be ready to feel better, so you can do better!

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