Sourdough and CBD: A Holistic Wellness Journey

Crafting Holistic Wellness with Sourdough

As a native German, I ❤️ bread! When I was first diagnosed with insulin resistance, my doctor at the time advised me to stay away from carbs at night. I was perplexed. What was a girl to eat if she can’t eat bread or pasta, or better yet: pasta with a side of bread? I have dabbled in every elimination diet on the planet to figure out how I can best support my body in overcoming blood sugar issues and other ailments, but bread has always had a special place in my heart, even though I did not eat it often anymore.

When we moved to Virginia 8 years ago, I found that it was NOT hard for me to stay away from bread anymore. 🤣 The bread you could buy at regular grocery stores did not tempt me at all, I was often left disappointed after trying a slice and the discomfort the bleached, highly processed flour and the long list of other ingredients caused my gut definitely were not worth it.

Then I tried a sourdough bannetton from @citygirlwithacountryheart (check out Ivana if you’re local to VB, she has the best sourdough baked goods!), and was hooked immediately. So I set out to become a sourdough baker, if only for myself and my family. I bought a starter from @kensingtonsourdough, a bunch of bread-baking utensils, lots of King Arthur flour, and I baked my first homemade bread. It was delicious.

The Connection: Minimalism and Quality Ingredients

When I make sourdough bread, I use very basic, minimally processed ingredients. Herbert, my sourdough starter, unbleached, non-enriched organic flour, filtered water, and salt—that’s it. It’s about quality and simplicity.

When we started making our own CBD oil at Guerrilla Holistic, the philosophy was the same—minimal ingredients, minimal processing. The only components in our CBD oil are US-grown hemp and MCT oil (plus high-quality essential oils for the flavored versions). We use heat to extract cannabinoids, and that’s all you need for a high-quality, pure CBD oil.

And it doesn’t stop there. When we create our CBD topicals, we stick to very few, all-natural ingredients to ensure the best, non-toxic skincare possible. Our commitment to quality ingredients, free from harmful additives, aligns perfectly with the essence of my sourdough journey.

Guerrilla Holistic Philosophy in Action

My sourdough adventure is, in essence, on brand with the Guerrilla Holistic philosophy. It’s about using quality ingredients, crafting products free from harmful additives, and keeping things handcrafted and minimally processed. We believe that what you put into your body matters, whether it’s the food on your plate or the wellness products you choose.

Now, I don’t have any plans to become a professional baker, but through my sourdough journey, I can offer you something special—our handcrafted CBD oil and CBD topicals, made with love and the best ingredients.

Closing Thoughts on Wellness

As I wrap up this story, I want to leave you with a thought: unexpected paths often lead to beautiful destinations. Whether indulging in a simple loaf of homemade bread or incorporating our carefully crafted CBD oil into your wellness routine, the journey matters. Quality ingredients, mindful processes, and a touch of love enrich life’s experiences.

Wishing you a day filled with love, goodness, and holistic harmony,

Christine 🌿

Guerrilla Holistic

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