From Combat to Recovery: How CBD Oil Can Support Veterans’ Health

A Few Words from our Co-Founder

From combat to recovery: When an IED blast ended my Special Forces career in 2012, I started a search for answers that could land me back on my team. I tried almost everything that medicine and doctors had to offer. I saw doctors from every specialty and across the country. Chronic pain, cognitive decline, anxiety and sleep issues were the result of five combat deployments, two bronze stars. The Purple Heart was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Combat: After the Blast…

After the blast, I had memory problems, pain, anxiety and depression. When I weighed my options, there was not one single “medicine” I could take for pain without some pretty miserable side effects. What I noticed was that all of my issues were linked, if one got worse, they all got worse. The brain chows through a ton of energy to accomplish its tasks. Regulating hormones, communications with the body and making executive decisions are high energy tasks. Without the energy to run at its full capacity, there is a cascade of issues that result in a degraded function. Think the warning lights on your dashboard all coming on while driving on the highway, then think of the anxiety that a catastrophic failure in the vehicle to parts that make it go and stop. It was terrifying. The side effects of most medication offered were worse than the thing they cured. I had to find something to help my brain “go and stop” without messing everything else up and making things worse. The answer came in an unlikely place…  It’s like, your energy man.

Recovery: The Human Body

The human body is like a combustion engine, it needs fuel to make it go, and you got to get rid of the waste. The brain is no different. If the brain cannot get the energy it needs, it’s like driving around with the check engine light on, waiting for the motor to give out. I’m not about that life, so I looked for ways to improve or stretch my brain’s energy. After all, the brain consumes 20% of the bodies total need for energy and oxygen! Cannabinol oil improves mitochondrial function which reduces oxidative stress, which results in a higher energy efficiency in the brain. Go ahead, look it up. (

What’s the Solution?

Guerrilla Holistic CBD Oils

This means that there is more coal to shovel into the engine when its needed most. Guerrilla Holistic CBD Oils, your advantage in a high consequence world.

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