Fix Your Sleep Schedule with CBD Oil!

Today I have some super helpful thoughts about what CBD does for your sleep and how you can fix your sleep schedule with CBD oil… let’s dig in!

In this article, we are going to go to the roots of CBD, its key soothing benefits, and what in CBD helps you sleep. 

Indeed, 62% of adults around the world don’t sleep well. You may have tried many bizarre and confusing tricks to help you fall asleep with no fruitful results. If you couldn’t already tell, sleep is so important. It not only allows you to recharge and refresh, but it helps the body remain functional throughout the day. 

At Guerrilla Holistic, we have had some personal experiences with lack of sleep, from grouchy parents to lazy kids. But we believe we found the key to a relaxed, promising sleep. 

Sleep Statistics

Maybe you’re a night owl or an early bird, maybe you can’t sleep because of stress or pain, but there is one thing all kinds of people have in common; lack of sleep. Lack of sleep can lead to lower alertness and concentration, and mood swings, and negatively affects you, not only mentally but also emotionally.

Near half of Americans have reported that they feel groggy from three to seven days a week. 32.6% of Americans have said they get six hours, or less, of sleep. Active duty service members are 34% more likely to have insufficient sleep than those who aren’t in the military. Between 10-30% of adults have chronic insomnia. 57.8% of middle schoolers and 72.7% of high schoolers get less sleep than needed for their age. 

Statistics can be scary. Especially when it comes to something as important as sleep. Americans have tried to get better sleep by using many different things, from pills to pillows. But fear not, we got your back! Our CBD is natural, simple, and gets the job done. So whether you have anxiety or some back issues, we are here to help.

Root of CBD

CBD is mainly made of hemp, which has been used for medical purposes for millennia. Hemp is a species of cannabis, which is known for its calming effects. Different strains of CBD have different ingredients that calm you for your slumber. Our Night Stick has CBD and 2 essential oils, lavender and vetiver, both have been used as a sleep aid for centuries. 

Taking CBD has an effect on the nervous system and the serotonin system: it is known for its effectiveness in sleep disorders, and it also helps with anxiety, a leading factor in poor sleep

CBD works in the nervous system by acting as a modulator that contains many cannabinoids which bind with ECS receptors. An ECS receptor regulates many of our bodily functions. By binding with ECS receptors, CBD manages pain, mood, and coordination.

To break down all that science, if you have trouble sleeping there is a good chance that CBD  will help you sleep, leaving you feeling calm, fit, and energetic if taken before bed.

Soothing Benefits of CBD

Over 50% of adults have trouble going to sleep because they are affected by rising anxiety levels. 43% of American adults claim they have been lying awake and losing sleep because of stress. 

By reducing stress and anxiety, you can sleep better. 80% of people who used CBD to treat their anxiety reported that their anxiety and stress levels went down in only one month! 65% of studied patients report that CBD improved their rest immediately. 

I know that I have been stressed or in a bad mood before bed, and let me tell you, I will sit up all night thinking about anything and everything and I can’t go to sleep! Research shows that anxiety can create a nasty negative cycle . Too much worry or fear prevents you from going to sleep. Sleep deficit can cause the symptoms of anxiety to worsen. Luckily CBD can help take you out of that negative cycle, and help you get a good night’s sleep. 

What in CBD Helps You Sleep

Our bodies’ natural endocannabinoids are molecules that control memory, immunity, and stress. CBD has phytocannabinoids, which are similar to our endocannabinoids to which our bodies react very similarly. Both help in controlling sleep.

Chronic pain can also lead to a lack of sleep. CBD exerts its pain-relieving magic through many of the body’s systems, including endocannabinoid (ECS), inflammatory, and nociceptive systems. The nociceptive system detects signals for harmed tissue and responds to chemicals from harmed tissue by activating the body’s healing response. Harnessing this powerful bodily system, our “Hurt Locker” CBD salve helps with sore muscles or joints, cramps, and pains. If your hurt is inside the body, “Hurt Locker” is what we recommend you use. If the “owie” is on the outside… our “Level IV Armor” works great with cuts, bruises,  and chapped or dry skin. Use these salves for a tranquil night of sleep or for pain relief to help you get to sleep pain-free. 

How to Take CBD to Fix Your Sleep Schedule

For the best results to fix your sleep schedule,  place 1-2 full droppers under the tongue, and stand by 15 seconds before swallowing the CBD, then take some time to wind down. CBD usually takes about 20 to 30 minutes to kick in so if you are using it for sleep, make sure to take it about 30 minutes before bed. I always take CBD after my nightly self-care routine, then I like to get a book and some water and relax. 

One more thing before I bid you fellow CBD lovers goodbye, I challenge you to a 30-day nightly CBD routine. Each night take some CBD, following the instructions on the label, and log your mood. By the end of this 30-day trial, let us know how you feel about it and if you were able to fix your sleep schedule on our Guerilla Holistic Facebook page.

We take our simple CBD every night and we have found that in the morning we are ready to Get Up, CBD Up, and GO.

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