How Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil Can Help You With Back or Neck Pain

how CBD oil can help you with back or neck pain

Pain can be debilitating. When you suffer from chronic pain, it takes over your life and all you can think about is how to get some sort of relief from the constant ache. If you’ve ever asked yourself “is CBD good for neck pain?”,  you’re not alone. In fact, CBD is a great option to help soothe the aches of neck and shoulder pain.

Cannabidiol (CBD) for Pain

There have been several studies over the last few years that help show that if you suffer from chronic pain, CBD is a good option to explore. Current studies indicate that if you choose to use CBD for neck and shoulder pain, you may find relief. It’s important to remember that studies are still being conducted and the research is still ongoing.

A topical application is generally considered the way to go when using CBD for pain relief. With a topical application, you’re able to apply the CBD directly to the affected area. CBD for neck and shoulder pain can help bring down inflammation in the area, helping to reduce the pain. At least one study has indicated that there is little to no tolerance build-up with CBD, meaning that those who use CBD for pain likely won’t need to increase their dosage over time. 

When considering  if CBD is good for neck pain in particular,  you might also be wondering if it’s helpful for pain that isn’t chronic. Luckily, it is! CBD can be helpful for neck and shoulder pain for acute pain situations or as a regular, on-going pain relief option.

When considering CBD as an option to help relieve pain, it’s also a good idea to consider the cause of the pain. If there is damage to the muscles, joints, or other areas, it’s important to address this with your doctor. However, in many cases, neck and back pain is caused by tight muscles or sore joints. If that’s the case, CBD can help reduce or eliminate the discomfort. 

Products that May Help with Pain

If you’re dealing with pain and considering CBD options to help, you’re in luck. There are a lot of options to choose from. In fact, CBD can be included in the recipes for a variety of products ranging from lotions and salves to bath bombs. Choosing the right product for you simply comes down to deciding how you prefer to apply the CBD. For many dealing with neck and back pain, soaking in a hot bath with a CBD-infused bath bomb is the perfect option. For others, rubbing a salve or a roll-on into the affected area helps alleviate the pain quickly and effectively.

While studies and research is still ongoing, many people have found CBD effective for pain relief. It helps relax the muscles, reduces inflammation, and helps ease aches that you deal with daily. Reducing or eliminating pain can help improve your overall quality of life and make everyday activities more enjoyable. As you’re considering your options, don’t disregard the benefits of CBD for pain relief.

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