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“When an IED blast ended my Special Forces career in 2012, I started a search for answers that could land me back on my team. I tried almost everything that medicine and doctors had to offer. I saw doctors from every specialty and across the country. Chronic pain, cognitive decline, anxiety and sleep issues were the result of five combat deployments.

The human body is like a combustion engine, it needs fuel to make it go, and you’ve got to get rid of the waste. The brain is no different. If the brain cannot get the energy it needs, it’s like driving around with the check engine light on, waiting for the motor to give out. I’m not about that life, so I looked for ways to improve or stretch my brain’s energy.  And I found that CBD can help me optimize my body and brain.”

Josh, Co-Founder of Guerrilla Holistic


“I have always been fascinated with alternative and complimentary healing. Using the power of plants to support my family’s wellbeing has become an important part of our health journey. When my husband was injured while serving in the military, I started exploring alternatives to the remedies he was offered, and I became fascinated with the power of hemp. Handcrafting CBD oil and using it to support my family’s health is my passion that I want to share with you.”

Christine, Co-Founder of Guerrilla Holistic

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