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We want to support our community in their mission to persevere and get the job done. Veterans, service spouses, and families who live high-intensity lifestyles experience unique challenges that create a barrier to a full, productive life. These challenges can lead to discomfort, chronic stress, sleep disorders, and more. That’s why we created Guerrilla Holistic. Our pure, handcrafted CBD products can be a powerful tool to improve your quality of life.


Serving Our Community

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We’ve been there, and we understand how high-intensity lifestyles place unique stressors upon families. The impact of service life – in all its forms – can last for years, even beyond active service. We aim to create a culture of autonomy and work-life balance while maintaining the highest standards of quality in our products.

Our mission is to offer natural solutions that can help reduce these stressors and improve overall wellness. We want to help you continue your mission – at home, at work, and in the community.


Built by a Veteran Couple

Josh, a former Green Beret, medically retired from the military with several combat injuries. Fifteen years of active service and several combat deployments had taken a toll on his health. He was struggling with chronic pain, cognitive decline, anxiety, and sleep issues, which affected our whole family.

When traditional treatments didn’t help, we were determined to find alternative therapies that could give him whole-body relief. That’s when we found CBD. As we experienced the benefits of CBD, we knew that we had to share this with others. 

In 2019, we launched Guerrilla Holistic, a small, family-owned business, which is dedicated to providing holistic wellness solutions to families in high-stress lifestyles. Since then, one mantra has guided our approach: “Never above, never below, always beside you.”

Guerrilla Holistic Owners

Our Founders

Josh Lindstrom

Josh Lindstrom Guerrilla Holistic Veterans Owner

When an IED blast ended my Special Forces career in 2012, I started a search for answers that could land me back on my team. I tried almost everything that medicine and doctors had to offer. I saw doctors from every specialty and across the country. Five combat deployments left me with chronic pain, cognitive decline, anxiety and sleep issues.

The human body is like a combustion engine, it needs fuel to make it go, and you’ve got to get rid of the waste. The brain is no different. If the brain cannot get the energy it needs, it’s like driving around with the check engine light on, waiting for the motor to give out. I’m not about that life, so I looked for ways to improve or stretch my brain’s energy.  And I found that CBD can help me optimize my body and brain.

Josh, Co-Founder of Guerrilla Holistic

Christine Lindstrom

Christina Lindstrom, Guerrilla Holistic Owner

Like many military spouses, I’ve struggled with the intense stressors of deployments, unpredictability, solo-parenting, and so much more. For years, I was chronically stressed, suffering from sleep issues, and overcome by fatigue.  It was difficult to function at my best. I knew that I had to find a solution, especially after Josh’s injury.

That’s when I began exploring different therapies. I have always been fascinated with alternative and complimentary healing. Discovering the potential of hemp was a game-changer. The power of plants has transformed my family’s health journey, supporting our overall wellbeing and improving our quality of life.

Now, handcrafting CBD products and using them to support my family’s health – and yours – is my passion.

Christine, Co-Founder of Guerrilla Holistic

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